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tow hitch headache


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I am having difficulties ordering a simple, receiver style tow hitch for my 2006 Defender 90 TDi. The supplier ( Rovers North) in the US is telling me, essentially, that a TDi has a different rear cross member than a TD5. This doesnt seem to make sense to me. Why would LR change anything about the rear cross member bolt pattern etc. because of which diesel is under the bonnet? Do any of you know if this is true?

The choice seems to be between their model RNA091, which is for a TD5

and their model RNH110, which is for a non-TD5.

But they never come out and tell me which one IS for a TDi. Is a TDi a "non-TD5"???

Please help.


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Can you measure your bolt pattern?

I am on a different island today, so cant measure it. But it looks exactly, precisely, like this:


And this is how it looks from the front. Do TD5's and TDi's look different from each other?


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I would imagine that it has more to do with fuel tanks and therefore clearance for the hitch mounting. The Tdi has the fuel tank under the drivers seat but the TD5 (all Defenders after 99 incl ROW) has the tank at the back behind the rear cross member. The two type of hitch mounting are probably to accommodate this difference ie. there's more room on a Tdi.



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I am not 100% certain, but I think I am 99.9% of the opinion, all the usual caveats, not willing to commit myself, wishywashy as usual, don't hold me to it...but I believe those holes are threaded on this TDi.

I found another photo, and expanded that section, and I think you can just see the threaded nuts inside the sheet metal of the cross member in it:


Can you really tow a boat with one of these?

Basically, because I am having such a hard time getting answers from suppliers in the USA up north of me, I am trying to find a single source supplier in the UK who can send me all the bits I am presently looking for. I know it will probably be a pain to establish the shipping etc. to get it from the UK to here, but I dont believe the US people have any experience with, or knowledge of, Defenders newer than the 97 models. They certainly dont seem to stock parts for them. I have today emailed a place I found online called Famous Four, who seem to have a lot of parts and accessories. I suppose I will just work my way down the list until someone responds.

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