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Can you put non abs innards in an abs axle ?


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I am at the desparation state of getting my daughters heap of a RR back on the road after a considerable period of hibernation.

It went for an MOT yesterday and failed on drivers side CV, the joint is knackered but has taken out the drive shaft as well wearing a big groove in it. I have all the internals of a non abs axle in the shed, can I put them in the abs axle ? I intend to change the stub axle as they appear to be different as well. What I am trying to get away with is not changing the complete axle if I can help it, I have spent too long and way too much dosh on this freebie job anyone done this successfully ?

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In a word, no.

The ABS needs to function as designed, with the warning lamp behaving as it should (crib sheet now printed for the MOT tester :angry: ) for the vehicle to pass the MOT.

As said above, you will have to use an ABS CV (about £40 for a pattern part). I am not sure if the half shafts are the same as non ABS, but a side by side comparison should sort that one out. The stub axle is ABS specific too.

I just did this exact job on mine - make sure you get the bearings that run in the stub axle too. Whilst you have it apart you might want to look at the condition of the swivel housing. If it's pitting then might be worth changing that too - after all it's only money!! :lol:

Good luck & let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the info, the vehicle doesn't have ABS it had been removed and a servo substituted before we got the vehicle but it still has the ABS hubs with the sensors left in but disconnected.

Best solution to me seems to now take all the hub assembly, swivel balls etc. from my non ABS axle and substitute, lock, stock and barrel, this then means I have a complete non abs axle with correct hubs etc. Will just have to take the nice new calipers and discs off and rebleed the system :angry:

Should add it's not the vehicle in the avatar, that's mine no abs and a big Nissan diesel engine

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:D Thanks for that must try and borrow mates Eezibleed cos I ahave had issues getting all the air out, have started the strip down and have got some of the PITA bolts out of the stub axle by using a chisel and punch to get the spring washer out from behind the bolt, once that was out of the way the ring spanner gets a decent purchase and they came undone. 3 down at lunchtime 4 to go on the first side, isn't it great working from home you can have productive lunch times as well !!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Heres what the driveshaft looked like


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:angry: Cv failure and continuing to drive it with less and less grease left !!!! Not happy with daughter at all as this project has gone beyond all reason, just a very abused vehicle with absolutely no maintenance done as her garage man is an absolute pillock in my opinion. :unsure::unsure:
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