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Door locks and removing barrels

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Its multiple questions today..

How do i remove the the lock barrel from a rear door lock?

Is removing the barrel lock the same on all lift up handle locks?

I found one article about changing a barrel lock to fit your key, has anybody done it?



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slightly off topic, but will the door lock barrels fit a locking fuel cap? had a quick look at mine and chickened out, seem to be ball bearings and springs set to trap the unwary. :unsure: I know its unusual but it would be handy to have one key to fit all locks !!


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I'm not subtle :o , I rammed a srewdriver in instead of the key, popped the pin and wiggled the barrel out. I'm not reccomending it but its the way I did it. Someone else may have a better solution.

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Anyone know how to change the barrels if you don't have the key?

Well you can do what's shown in the first pic in the link I posted - drill a second pilot hole in line with the key slot so that the retaining pin can be accessed with the key still in the locked position

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