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Road impassable?


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Some neighbourhoods in Calgary have opted to make certain roads impassable. The road is designed with a "vehicle trap" which allows wide wheel base buses to pass. Narrower wheel base passenger cars get stuck.


I'm not suggesting that anyone break any laws. This is purely an intellectual exercise. *IF* someone wanted to go through the obstacle, they just need to sneak through after a narrow bus on the gate side of the blockade. Immediately after the narrow bus in the picture went through the gate side (left side on picture - you can see the gate lifting) two cars followed illegally.

I was a little curious how they worked, so I went and had a look.


The cylindrical bars spin freely and have no play in them (no side to side, up and down, or front to rear).



So, here's the question. Would a "stock" Defender make it through? If not, how heavily modified would a defender need to be in order to overcome this obstacle? For the purpose of argument, let's assume that the wheels on one side of the Defender fall into the trap while the other side remains on the concrete. Would a 90 or a 110 have an easier time versus the other?

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Well I happen to live in Calgary and I can say that a Series IIa 88" will drive through these ok but I was younger at the time and I used to hit them quite fast ;) I'm sure my 90 would go through them fine to but the only one that is a short cut for me know has a locked gate across it as the city buses no longer use that route.

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