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Rear chassis X-member

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I was recently rather peturbed to find that after prodding at the two faint rust patches on the rear of my cross member I ended up with two corresponding holes! These line up exactly with the chassis rails and are obviously the result of rot inside the closed ends. Further prodding (never a good idea with any Land Rover and ALWAYS results is further expense) revealed further holes directly under the rear of the cross member where it joins the chassis rails themselves.

Rather than have it plated I am going to replace the whole thing but my question is how do I prevent this happening again? Ok so the 110 is nearly 15 years old and still on its original cross-member so not that bad I guess but none the less I'd like to plan long-term. I'm looking for a way to prevent rust occurring before it is welded in place, while I can get into all the nooks and crannies. I thought about Waxoyl but this is pretty flammable and could result in 'issues' for the poor sod welding it on I presume.

Thanks in advance.


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