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Removing steering wheel

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Is this usually a swine of a job?

Haynes says fabricate a tool but I have no steel so used 1" thick plywood strip lying around and and put washers under the two M6 bolts located into the wheel itself. I am putting fair pressure on the central bolt but nothing is shifting. I am using an M8 bolt and nut as the "pusher".

Do I just welly it harder?

Am nervous of breaking anything which would then make it impossible to get steering wheel back on.

I suspect that the steering wheel may not have been off got 16 years

Any thoughts?



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I think you'll break the ply before anything else.

an alternative tactic is to slacken (not remove!!) the nut, then sit in the drivers seat and give the wheel a good waggle and pull. removing the nut completely results in the steering wheel and your nose meeting forcefully.

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