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Sad day!


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On the way home from the forum treasure hunt on Salisbury Plain jast night, only a couple of miles from home I smelled burning.

I looked down and through the assorted holes in the seat box I could see an orange glow - so pulled in to a layby in Clemsfold (Mods: Clemsfold is not a rude word - honest!).

Google Video

I pulled some of the stuff out the back to get my 8 month old dry-powder extinguisher. It had pressure, but just made a farting noise - I think the powder had settled.

20 or so seconds later the whole thing was on fire with 30 foot flames!

I guess the moral of this story is if it can go from a bad smell to 30 foot flames that quick - don't wait around, just run away!

Today, I just feel completely numb and a bit sad. I know it's just a lump of metal and can easily be replaced (more easily than me) - and I've counting my lucky chickens today, I can tell you.

Si :(

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Sorry to hear that Si and we were only talking of insurance when we were at the pub. Left the pub a bit after you and Chris said i could have convoyed back with you wish i had now as could have tried to offer assistance but doubt my fire extinguisher would let out more than a fart either. I must have come back a different way as didnt see anything.

I guess the LPG tank and safety valves did their job and it didnt explode.

Soryy for your loss


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Hell Si, thats terrible.

Whilst it may only be "A lump of metal" its YOUR lump of metal that you have put a load of blood sweats tears ideas and effort into, - I can only think how I would feel if this was mine :o

Funnily enough I was working on the 90 today and thinking how my extingusher was near 12 years old, I think I will be making a call Monday :unsure:

Really really feel for you mate, insurance can't replace everything, that 90 was sort of part of you :huh:


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really feel for you Si, was there any really irreplaceable experimental stuff on there?

hope you aren't too shocked this morning.

it's not much of a silver lining but maybe it will give you some money just to get your next project finished- or would you buy another 90?

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Si, totally gobsmacked, !! real sorry to hear the bad news

Just thinking of the months of work, trying out new bits on her, you have spent, as said, is only metal, but did have a load of blood sweat and tears !! Glad you spotted it, and got out OK, any idea what the cause was ??

Was only joking about booking the AA for Fleet services :ph34r:

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