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I knew that would get your attention.

My 1989 Range rover 2.5D has a speedo transducer fitted to the inside left chassis rail, it only has a short speedo cable going to it from the gearbox and two wires coming out of it, which disappear into the wireing loom, is this an electronic one, It has a large threaded cover that screws over one end of it where another cable could fit, my local Landrover shop in medway Kent seem to think that it should have another cable coming from it, The speedo works occassionly. I have taken it off to try and find out why it does`nt register the speed all the time.

When i put a electric drill onto gearbox cable end, the speedo did not register, so i think it may be a transducer fault, what do you think?

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Some early EFi vehicles still had the mechanical speedo,. but the EFi ECU required a road speed sensor to tell it when the vehicle is moving or not. Hence the road speed sender has the 'pass through' connection for the speedo cable, so you your garage are kind of right, but not in your case!

It's also possible that the transducer itself has failed, that's fairly common. There's a procedure for testing it in the EFi section of the manual. Basically you undo the wiring, put an ohmeter across it it and turn a wheel, you should see it go from open to closed to open as the wheel rotates.

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