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Finding 'Portamig'...?


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I just picked up a Portamig plasma cutter for my slow-growing CNC plasma project (shut it, Fridge).

I have some questions about it and I'd like to contact Portamig - I know they are based in York.

I think some of you have their units - can you see if you have any contact info for them? I can't seem to find anything at all...

Thanks for any help, Al.


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Hmm, veeeeeery interesting...

So it seems that Portamig existed a few decades ago (you wouldn't know it looking at the machine) and went bust in the 80s (presumably due to the influx of cheapo kit which caused everyone else to start cutting corners too).

Later on, the name was bought by someone up in York who now make welders, and seem to have practically zero internet presence.

It seems my plasma is from the old company, and so there is nowhere to go.

No big deal. I have figured out where I can get spares for the torch in the short term, longer term I will be fitting a machine torch as part of the project.

Maybe some of you lot can help me answer an outstanding Q though. Does it matter which live supply is connected to which wire (I'm talking 3 phase here). I've got my usual brown, blue and black, but the meaning of these changes with date of production and intended market.

Will it go pop (or just not work) if I get it wrong? Is it just motors and stuff that need the correct phase going to the terminals?

Answers on a postcard...?

Al. :)

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