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Engine Removal


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Hello All,

I'm about to get my chassis sand blasted and zinc coated, my preference is to take the engine/gearbox/transfer case out rather than getting it dipped too :D

I've read in some of the threads that the gearbox is quite heavy, is it possible to lift the complete assemby off, bulkhead removed, lift the chassis off the disconnected drivetrain? Could I run into any balancing problems between the engine (V8) and gearbox? Can I use 2 lift points on the engine and one to the back of the transfer case?

Also, my 110 is an 85 my, the rear xmember is welded on, no signs of bolt points anywhere, is this normal on that age of chassis.

Any advice or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated before i go any further, I should mention that I don't have an engine hoist so I'm basically doing this with a tripod and chain hoist set-up.



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With a tripod and chain hoist I'd split the engine and g/box. They are heavy and having dropped my 2.25 engine once from about 4 feet that was scary enough.

110 rear cross members are welded on (integral with the chassis)

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