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90 Soft top Truck cab

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Im looking at replacing my full hardtop and cage with one of the soft top truck cab things, prob with a cage built around it... I ve seen one pic of a 90 nene built a while back with a simular fitment, but i cant find any more pix anywhere..

Id like to see if anyone else has done the same thing and so pix if poss..

Cheers all :)

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I have a truck cab soft top on my 90 some of the time, it is quieter and warmer than the full soft top. Uses all normal soft top fittings (got the whole lot from all wheel trim, more photos there). Less weight than a truck cab, although I think most of that is the glass. There is more room available than a truck cab too as with an extended truckcab soft top (as in red 90 above) the soft top sits just behind the bulkhead. Final benefit is I reckon the soft top is more watertight than my full hardtop. Will try and find some photos.


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The red 90 has an exmoor soft top i beleive although he has now gone back to a standard truck cab as it was poo the cage is buy exact fabrication (northern chris on here i believe), no idea what my canvass is and i am building my cage.

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Thats what were aiming for.. We were amazed at how much weight there is in the standard hard top and Tc, just seems like a good way to lose a fair bit of weight and might even stay warmer than my old hardtop with loads of holes in !

whats the all wheel trim site plz??

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hi mate, dont know if your interested but i've just removed my exmoor trim truck cab soft top to fit a hard truck cab today, so it is now all just sitting here doing nothing. i've got all the poles, door surrounds and a black mohair roof well everything as i only took it off today!!! :D;)

here's a pic of it, its all in perfect condition.:


pm me or reply if your interested in it. ;)



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The All wheel trim website is http://www.allwheeltrim.co.uk/

Just outside Oxford in Witney, usually have good stocks of soft tops. Soft top fits as per standard series/90 roof with ropes/straps as opposed to the poppers used by exmoor.

Cheers for that, just had a look, prices seem far more 'competitive' than exmoor trim!

Matt-90 you have a PM by the way

Cheers Chris

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