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300TDi Disco starter motor.

Les Henson

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The starter motor is located below and behind the turbo on the passenger side and can be removed quite easily with just some pipework needing removed first. Ope the bonnet, make sure that you know radio codes etc or anything else that might be affected by the battery being disconnected, then disconnect one of the battery terminals.

Air filter to turbo pipe first. There are 2 6mm jubilee clips that have to be undone, then raise the hose a small amount and disconnect the engine breather pipe.




If you remove the plastic engine cover you can then tuck the breather pipe out of the way at the back of the rocker cover.


The wastegate/boost pipe can be left in place, but the pipes are easily damaged, so it's best to disconnect them both.


Bottom intercooler pipe next - just the elbow needs to be removed, which again is two jubilee clips (6mm socket)


The reamins of the bottom hose will rest done close to the engine mount - out of the way.


The starter motor can now be easily seen - the main cable connection is 12 or 13mm. Undo the nut and tuck the cable out of the way.


At the rear of the starter solenoid there is also a thin wire that activates the starter - also known as the exciter feed. This is just a blade connector and will just pull off. If the wire appears to be loose on its connection, then squash it a small amount with a pair of pliers.


There are now just two 13mm head bolts and one 15mm nut holding the starter in place.

The rear most one is tight to get at, but an extension bar along the back will remove it.



The second bolt down also has an earth cable.


The bottom 15mm is the last to be removed.


The starter motor will now lift out of the engine bay. Move it backwards and then bring the nose out and up. The turbo oil drain pipe is right behind it, so be careful not to damage it.


There are three makes of starter for this engine - Prestolite, Valeo, and Bosch. The old starter was Prestolite, and had failed not far out of the guarantee period - this is usual for this very cheap make. The replacement is a Valeo item, which is not bad for normal road use.


There may be an earth plate on the rear of the starter - the 13mm nut is where you attach it. The earth cable is fine where it was, but TD/NA engines have an earth wire from the block that attaches at this point and then another earth wire from the chassis to complete the connection.


The new starter bolted in place - reconnect the wires exactly as on the old unit - make sure there is no earth contact as the thick cable is live directly from the battery, and the thin wire is live when you turn the key. Once all the pipework is connected, connect the battery and check the engine starts. The new unit will sound completely differently from the old one (if it still worked occasionally).



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