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Welded Rear Xmember

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The rear xmember on my '85 110 is welded on, is this right? Does the original get cut off when it rots out and then a new one bolted on? I'm new to this so just trying to figure some things out.

There doesn't appear to be any holes on it where it was to be bolted through.



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Your rear cross member is welded on. When the painful time for replacement comes, you cut off the old one and weld a new one on, no bolts required.



That sucks, glad mines in good condition, is it only the 90's that have a bolt on?


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How so? :unsure:

i don't have a welder :lol:

Maybe I confusued the furthest aft xmbr with something different, the one under and just slightly forward of the xfr case is bolted on, but rear isn't, and the parts breakdown I had appeared to show a bolt on unit (was a 90 ipc), inexperience with the vehicles.

I understand that if it wasn't welded on you might end up with your tailer or caravan wandering down the road on it's own :o


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