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Td5 self levelling suspension


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My TD5 auto has developed an irritating fault with the SLS suspension system. Nothing serious and the first I've had in 136000+ miles. When towing ( up to 3 tons off road) it levels perfectly. When running in raised mode its also level side to side. When running solo it tends to run 25mm low on the near side rear which results a a small drift to the near side. There are no air leaks and every thing is in good order as far as I can tell. Any ideas? I'm reluctant to let the local main agent any where near it as 'er in doors whines when I have to sell off one of the kids to pay the bill. My friendly local independant has'nt got Testbook and I'm at a loss to know how to check the system out or what the problem is. I'm dragging the caravan down to Italy very soon and would love to get this sorted first...without resorting to the rip off main agent if it can possibly be avoided!..and no..I don't want springs instead!

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Without checking on the pooter you will be clutching at straws. If your friendly local independent does a lot of work on Land Rovers he should get the Rovacom Lite system at least.

I agree about the LR stealers, but all the independents around here have some sort of computer system, it's a necessity nowadays.

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