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Newbie Introduction


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Hi all,

Brief introduction - grew up with Land Rovers in one form or another and managed to get my first one just over three years ago. It was a bog standard 1987 90 truck cab, 2.5TD. 1 Owner from new, fresh from the farmers field. Typically, it ate a fair amount of money until it ended up like this:


However, along came a baby and so it was back to sensibleness for me :(

A year or so later, I had to get another hit and decided to return to Land Rover with something a tad more 'sensible'. 1989 Range Rover Vogue SE.


Picture quite happily taking a piddle on my drive! Of course, nothing more sinister than air con condensation that time I think.

Cue several hundred pounds maintenance and the continued drop of MPG (8mpg in the end) forced its sale. Back to normal cars.

But yes, 2 years on and I'm back on the hunt again. A shorter commute to work and a bigger son suggests it might be more favourable this time! I'm after a 90 (or decent 110), any engine up to around 3k. That and of course, encouragement that Land Rovers and toddlers do mix!

See you all soon!


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Our friend's toddler like's Land Rovers (and tractors and diggers - not bad for a girl :lol: ) and has been out laning from quite an early age....


Been introducing ours to them early too...


She like to sit on the bonnet while a rev the V8 :lol: So she should like this weekend as she's coming comp safari racing with us, asuming I can find a MSA spec baby seat :lol:

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don't think the other half will complain... it's a modern family if you know what I mean ;)

I'm pretty sure he'll like it. Plays with his matchbox 90 more than his other cars, although does have a nasty habit of removing the tyres from his discovery. Let's hope he grows out of this.

Thanks for the encouragement :)

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