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Engine relocation

Matt B

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I currently have a RRC which I have been modifying to help it (and me) off road, mods so far include bobtailing by 400mm and converting to a pickup. I will be fitting a +2" lift etc after the MOT is passed.

Enough boring you all about me, on to my question:

I have a second chassis which is destined to be clad with a North Offroad GRP body akin to the one owned by D-Lander. It needs galvanizing but before I do so I would like to look at shifting the motor back either 250mm or right the way to the back akin to the Bowler beasts. The obvious issues I see are engine mounts, gearstick position and drive. Mounts I can cope with the others seem to be pretty insurmountable to the average Joe. Has anybody done this, if so how do you overcome the fact that the boxes will be in the wrong place as will the driveshafts. (I have a 5 speed manual box fitted to a 3.5 V8).

Matt B

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