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Gearbox / Transfer Case Sizes


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Has anyone seen a R380 with transfer case sitting beside an LT95?

The reason I ask is the transmission tunnell in the late RRC's is a good few cm's taller then the early truck. I'm worried my new R380 won't fit under the floor in my early Rangey.

Anyone have an R380 in a '70's RR?

Does the floor have to be modified or what are the hurdles?


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Yes it will. Well I had both a LT77 and a 380 behind my 200Tdi in my 1985 Range Rover.

Which 380 box have you got. Discovery or Defender.

The Discovery box will need to have some metal cut at the back of the tunnel.

The Defender box. I cut my lever off the mounting and turned the mount on the gearbox, then realigned the lever before welding it back.


Sorry but I won't be here to answer any other questions .


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Thanks a mill Mike

Just in case you check back its a Discovery box I have, I'd rather the Defender unit and will probably try to get jy hands on one as a swop or PX.

Good news though. (I'm assuming you mean yest it will fit rather then yes the floor will need modifying)


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