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My First Fluid Change

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As a novice my first big task is to change all the oils. so gathering everything I need just now. The handbook states the following

TD5 Diesel engine sump: - 8.2 litre including filter

5W/30 -30 to 35

5W/40 -30 to 50

5W/50 -30 to 50

Q1) I understand that the these different types allow operation at different temps, but which one should i get. Only plan on driving in this country (also no mention of the 10W's, these are only mentioned for TDi engines)

Main Gearbox: - 2.38 Litre

texaco MTF94

Q2) Should search high and low for this or are there any other suitable replacements.

Transfer Gearbox: - 2.3 Litre

Texaco Multigear 75W/90R

Q3) Again Should search high and low for this or are there any other suitable replacements.

Final Drive Units: - 1.7 Litre for both

Molytex 90W EP

Q4) I assume this is the Diffs and should i search high and low for this or are there any other suitable replacements.

Cooling System: - 13 Litre

50/50 antifreeze/water ratio

Q5) I assume I can just mix this up myself

I have included the volumes for each, what should I be roughly be paying for these?

Cheers guys :):)

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MTF 94 is available from LR dealers and most specialists should have it, motor factors should be able to get it if they haven't got it.

75W/90R - Most people use EP90 (as per axles) in the transfer box. This is just "Gear oil EP90", you can buy it from Halfords or my advice is to buy a big 25L drum of it from the motor factors. Also, a 5L plant sprayer filled with it makes topping up the oils underneath much easier.

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5w30 fully synth will be fine from that list as its really not going to get warmer than 35C here

The other oils are all industry standard, the texaco brand isnt needed.

So for the gearbox any manufacturers MTF94 will meet the specification (ie castrol, duckhams, granville, halfords etc)

TXB is a semi synthetic 75w90 gear oil

diffs are standard EP90 gear oil

as for the antifreeze yes u mix it yourself as u add it to the engine

it says 13 litres: the best way to add it is to pour the 6.5 litres of antifreeze in first then top up with water to the maximum line, as you'll never get all of the old coolant out

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Is it better going for good quality oils or un branded, not sure how much i should be paying for oils.

I go for halfords or similar unbranded for the likes of gear oil and ATF.

I use branded, but not super expensive for engine oil, as I change mine pretty regularly, about twice a year, or every 5k miles or so.

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ok guys cheers or the info, will check price and decide. I plan to change engine oil twice a year (or at appropriate millage) and the rest once a year. besides the oil i know i will need new oil filter for a td5 and a new sump washer for engine, do i need anything for the gearbox, transfer box and diffs?


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I use Comma oils from the motor factors - price is reasonable, and I change it regularly. I think this is better than putting expensive oil in and leaving it for ages, especially if you're off-roading and subjecting your vehicle to crud. Same goes for filters - buy reasonably priced ones and change them often.

Everything that holds oil should be checked after off-roading, especially where water is involved. Any sign of milkyness means water has got in, and you need to change the oil.

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Just got a quote from my local motor factor:

20l Engine oil 5w/30 fully synthetic £35.00

25l MTF94 gearbox oil £100.00

25l EP90 £45.00

25l Engine anti freeze £40.00 (neat)

All prices +VAT.

This is in Deal (kent).

Should I be able to get better prices?... (MTF 94 is not a fast mover for them...) :blink:

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You shouldn't need 25l of MT94 as it's only for the main gearbox - a 5l bottle should do you for two fills IIRC. EP90 is the stuff you tend to get through in volume (or at least I do) as it's in lots of places, and tends to get replaced when you do maintenance / off-roading.

As I said, LR dealers / parts suppliers and Ashcrofts & Difflock sell MTF94.

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