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Tyre sealant (puncture prevention)


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Hi all,

Does anybody have any experience of this "wonder product" which prevents punctures? There appear to be 2 types both of which go in via the tyre valve, one for bikes, quads etc and the other for higher speed vehicles. Both of them seem to to coat the inside of the tyre with a rubber solution which seals punctures.

Various testimonials from a web search seem to rate these products highly.

They seem to be a "must have" product for bicycles where punctures are regular. Maybe less use on a road vehicle but I still pick up the occasional nail/screw. For £20 for a set of tyres it should be a great product for my landrover.

My experience says that if it seems to good to be true then it probably is.......

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i use it on my kids mini motos yes it does work seals hole with a green solution with particles as far as i am aware it is illegal to use on a road vehicle maybe someone else will know better but yes it does work providing the tyre is turning when i get the bottle ill post the name chris

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I suspect (not having used it) that it is fine till you get a puncture it won't fix and then have to repair a tyre in the normal way - which then becomes a vile messy orrible operation taking half a week that will leave you swearing that you will never use it again :)

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your spot on its like that tyreweld stuff yes its a pain to repair a puncture i know from experience if its a larger hole then normally you can plug it to get you home but with the sealant coming out the vulcanising solution wont work so its tyre off and clean thinners etc you know the score

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yes it would clog up valve i use it on the boys minimotos as these are always getting punctures being tubeless if i kept plugging them thay would be like a hedgehog so its far easier to let the sealant to do it i wouldnt use it on a road vehicle

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Have used "Green Slime" on mountain bikes and dirt bikes and never had any problems.

With regard to vehicle use speak to your local Toyota dealership.

When I bought my 2nd hand Corolla from the dealership last year they had a demonstration using a new tyre and a lever with a spike in it!!

I never actually chased up cost etc but Toyota do endorse this sort of product (sorry I can't remember the name of the product they were using).

Give youre local sales a call as they must know about it. In case it was a regional thing (I doubt it) my local dealership is Dunfermline.

Hope this helps.


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Avoid it like the plague used it once on a caravan tyre when I was stuck punctured again shredded the wheel box and tooka chunk out of the caravan's wall

Different product

The stuff we are talking about is normally added when the tyre is new(but not essential)

You are thinking of Tyre-weld, let me guess you pumped up a flat tyre with tyre-weld and drove on home as it said on the tin but it didn't quite work like that and you had a blow out.

Tyre-weld which is, as you say is carp.

My Dakar racer had a puncture resistant type stuff in it which you don't know if it is working as you should never get punctures :lol:

I think its grate stuff but some of them are quite expensive in my limited experience if you do get a flat with it the hole is normally too big to repair anyway.

Its also no use if the valve goes or gets ripped off and is only limited in the side wall repairs I would think

I watched a demo years ago in the arena at billing with 6 inch nails in a Avon Ranger Master on one of DB's cars.

I use it in my Quad

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I use slime in my 90 and its seems to work well, Make sure you get the tubeless stuff though its bungs holes better. Never had problems with valves as the slime is on the outer part of the tyre wall and i reguallarly air down to 10psi.

Dare i say i think it has also balanced my tyre better than ever before, a similar effect to bb's i guess, Im running 35" simex with no balancing weights and it drives much smoother than it did before although the wheels were changed at the time of adding the slime (tyres are the same).

Thats my personal experience, although i have not yet had to remove a wheel although im told slime before its set will wash out with water :S

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