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Selling my 90

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Guest diesel_jim

At work (we supply fruit machines/pool tables/video games) and as such, we're kind of in the "spare cash/luxury" market... if you have spare cash you go to the pub, and there is definately a recession in progress. all the signs point to it, and speaking to other machine operators they're in the same boat.

basically, with the interest rates going up, even by 1/4%, there is less disposable income.

unless you're bathtub.... LOADSAMONEY!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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The car market is very slow at the mo

I know someone who got an early but low miles Td5 for £5k recently. Not all fully-tooled one like the one for sale here, just a boggo. Shows how slow the market is when you wave a bundle of cash at a dealer and get a car out of them that cheap.

When we bought our 90 we offered a price to the dealer which at first he said he wouldn't take. Took a day and a half but after rejecting every 'deal' he offered, we got it for our offer.

Certainly a buyers market at the moment, just like Fridge alluded to.

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Hi Ross,

Two things.

Firstly advertise for free in the ScotAds magazine (phone up and repeat every two weeks) and Adtrader (have to phone up and repeat twice a week).

I found selling Land Rovers a bit like fishing, you have to put your bait in the water and wait.

It took me three months to sell my Series 3 at £2000 (in very good nick, resprayed, engine rebuilt, new rear crossmember etc) but it just needs the right buyer looking for what you are selling at the time.

Secondly you might want to go down the route of AutoTrader it may get a little bit more expensive for advertising for that long, however you will get a massively larger audience looking for your type of Defender (a bit blingy :) ) as they place your advert on the web.

I think more people looking below £5000 will check the papers however your spec and condition (people with a bit more dosh to spend) may check the likes of Autotrader. As I said the online advert will give you a much wider audience.

Only my opinion......

Good luck with the sale :)



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We certainly haven't the found the market to be slow at the moment. We had my wife's 95N Disco 300TDi in ScotAds on a Wednesday two weeks ago, had six calls before lunch and it was gone by late afternoon to the first family to look at it. It was a base model five-door, five seater with 143k miles but had lots of history, 12 months MOT and was in very good order so we tried it at £1800, aiming for £1600-1650. Got £1750.

When I sold my 93K 110 hardtop, it was snapped up within hours of appearing in ScotAds as well. Again, loads of history, 12 months MOT and excellent condition with a realistic price. First person to see it bought it at the asking price. Mind you, this is what it looked like at 13 years old (ex-Environment Agency before us) with just a few bubbles on the door bottoms...



Also, stock vehicles seem to sell faster than ones with lots of mods - no matter how good they are or desireable the mods.

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I think that it is a very nice looking car with lots of extras, but I have it booked at £7225 & £6150 as Glass's retail and trade, thats for a standard steel wheel vehicle, but it also suggests that extras only add to a certain amount to the sale price.

Perhaps consider removing some of the goodies to return it to a std spec, selling them separately and then reducing your price?

Market is strong for right vehicle, last 110 I sold in less than 24 hours, it was a stunning example and realistically priced.

That being said, if someone wants it badly enough then they will pay close to the price.

good luck!

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Hi Im new to the land rover thing at the moment, but am keen looking to get one as alot of guys at work have them with one guy having about 6.

I work in a body shop so I was thinking of getting an older one that needs a respray as I can get that done really cheap.

But this looks nice, shame its not on the south coast near me and £6500 like the guy above priced it I would be on my way to have a look !

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I know nothing, but I detest light bars like a poker up the arse. To the potential customer they could be viewed two ways; nice bit of bling, or that the vehicle has been thrashed offroad. The latter would instantly knock out half your potential customers. Personally I would take it off and maybe some of your other bolt-ons. This might help attract some of the less offroady types that are looking for a good clean vehicle ready to tow plant or horses and stuff. Plus the price is a little steep. :ph34r:

I'm now gonna lurk again for a few months...

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Very nice landy, paintwork looks like it's not been thrashed off-road, must be the other thing, overpriced! do some more homework, check autotrader.co.uk for yourself, sorry to be so negative, but if you want to sell, price it realistically.

Whilst this seems like a good idea Autotrader only gives an idea of what likeminded sellers might be wanting for their vehicles, it doesnt actually show what the market is willing to pay, how buyers are percieving the prices or what vehicles are actually selling and how much/littler for!

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Its probably about time I added a reply to this thread.

Many thanks for all the responses, some slightly more constructive than others.

I do realise that HT's arent selling as well as CSW's, never have, never will. That said, contrary to what many of you seem to think, I didnt just pluck the figure of £9k out of the air.... I looked around at what other 90s were going for and, to be honest, have seen some much worse examples, albeit newer, doing the same money. Take the green X plate shown above for example - I've seen this car in the flesh (its local) and I know that its been a farm hack all its life and the chassis has more holes than a dutch cheese... its also as billy basic as they come and has nothing like a FSH... hence the price.

The comments about not recouping the cost of the extras are well founded and I fully appreciate that - I was merely trying to sell the vehicle with them on to a fellow enthusiast, someone who would appreciate and maybe use them - should I wish to sell it through autotrader, it will appear minus the goodies. As for the lightbar, its merely to allow me to illuminate the dark country lanes around me - this vehicle is not, nor has it ever been, an off roader!

Notwithstanding, thank you once again for your responses. It does seem that the market in the south is slightly more bouyant than it is up here so thats one option open to me, as is a more mainstream form of advertising. However, if it is only worth what some people are suggesting, I may well keep it and run it into the ground. ;)


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Its a bit out of my price range and over 500 miles away. I live in Portsmouth and he is in Scotland.

The 500 mile return trip will make you appreciate the handling, comfort, feel of the road and the quiesence of man and machine felt in the cabin..........

.........of the car you went up in! :P

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Its a bit out of my price range and over 500 miles away. I live in Portsmouth and he is in Scotland.

I bought a Series III for my laning toy (then sold it to buy ALF) which was on the Isle of Skye - and I live near Reading.

I flew up and drove it back. So I don't see what your problem is. :rolleyes:

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