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300 tdi Discovery door locks


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One by one I am starting to lose the operational capabilities of my door locks - I think the little spring thingy is on its way on most of them. Yesterday morning at "oh my God its early" I couldn't open my drivers door without opening the rear passenger door first and holding the button up while pulling the door 'andle.

My question is this (and its in two parts):

Will it be easier to replace the spring thingy or the whole lock mechanism?;


Is the mechanism on at 200tdi the same as the 300tdi as my local scrappy only ever seems to have 200s?

Muchos gracias.


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I also had door-lock problems with my 300Tdi Disco and, while possibly not the same reason as yours, may be helpful. In my case the key turned yet wouldn't operate the lock but leaning across from the passenger side and using the button did work.

The key turns the lock barrel which has a slot that engages in a dog in a plastic ring. That ring engages with another plastic ring that has a crank to which is attached the rod that operates the lock. The plastic dog is a weakness in that when the lock mechanism is stiff it breaks.

I thought it would be a simple matter of swapping the ring over from the passenger door but it wasn't as the ring in the drivers door lock had a cam to operate a micro switch for the immobiliser/alarm.

So, I made a replacement out of some similar plastic - it broke almost immediately as did the second all due to stiffness in the mechanism. Cleaning and re lubricating eased it all off and the third home-made ring worked, and (I'm touching wood as I type this) continues to work.

I have some photos that may help understand this if you'd like me to forward them.



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...... going back to your original question - it's no easier replacing the lock mechanism. Replacing the spring took literally about 2 minutes once the lock was off - it's getting the lock off thats the pain: the whole door (inc door top, glass, window actuator,m etc, etc, etc.) has to be stripped out to gain access to the lock.

I've just fixed the lock on one of my Disco's, and I'm about to start re-assembly before doing the same job on my other one :-(

If you do end up stripping the door, I'd recommend taking plenty of photos of the many linkages between the handles and lock mechanism ;)


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The driver's door now appears to have fixed itself...must've been all the voodoo and threatening it with a hammer. :ph34r:

I spent a lovely (!) hour trying to get a lock mechanism out of a scrap vehicle but I gave up. Threatening it didn't help. I did, however, manage to remove the tailgate lock which by comparison was a walk in the park. :D

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