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compression test, is it right?

Deer hunter

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More use on my problems with my 3.9 that has been stood for 2 years.

Was missing a little, and puffing fumes out of the exhause like mad.

ECU changed, air byepass valve ,colant and fuel tempm sensors changed.

Then n otices that the oil is half way up the dip stick>

Well smells more like petrol.

There is no froth in collant, no crankcase compressio.

So out with the injector, tested none leaking??

Compression test show all cylinders but 1 at around 190 - 200 , 1 at 165.

Is that enough to cause a probleM

I did put in some expensive fuel additive that I was told would clear thge injectors, I did this nprior to testing them.

How long would it continue to smoke if the problem has been cured?

Any ideas on what I should do next please ?

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For the injector stuff cleaner to work the engine has to be running - then the petrol and cleaner does its trick - over time.

How did you test the Injectors ?

The best way is to have them ultrasonically cleaned and tested,

A cheap way is to take the whole of the fuel rail off leaving injectors connected to rail, turn upside down switch on - none should leak, remove Coil to Dizzy lead so it won't try to run - then turn key and see if they squirt and then when you stop cranking do they equally stop squirting ?

This WILL spray fuel around at HIGH Pressure so be very carefull !

Fuel Pressure test is the other thing you need to do, also check each injector with a multimeter to chaeck reading - see the test manual I ahve shoved in the tech forum


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