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Discovery 2 Clicking noise Front Axle

Tomcat Nev

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Yes the disco 2 has a CV joints I've done over 100k in mine and never heard any noises from mine.

There easy to replace

Even easier when you get Pete to do them!

Mines only done 43k and makes a noise on both locks.


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Have the gatters been damaged as 43k is very low

Pete will work it out

that would be my guess, even a nick in one of the gaiters will let grease out and more importantly let water in, after that the ending is only a matter of time...

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All is fixed.

The car is still under the Land Rover used warrenty.

I had crawled underneath to check the gaiters on the CV's and found the steering box leaking - alot!

So, i also noticed the Offside gaitor was off. No wonder the CV was making noise, considering the mud and poo the car had been through recently. The clip holding the boot on the hub end seemed to be a different - and smaller- one than that on the Nearside.

Ho hum, i took the car into Ottons - who gave me a Disco 3 as a courtesy car :D - and the warrent replaced the steering box, CV joint and boot and the drivers door remote locking. All in two days including the inspection from the warrenty man.

So i am fairly chuffed that the warrenty covered it all.

Ottons are definitely better than Webbers.


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Also have the same clicky noise from my CV joints, but no money at the moment to replace, this is how ever a disco 1 series. If I leave it for a while will it create any major damage to anything other than a CV joint?

Hard to say but I wouldn't risk it - if it explodes at high speed it will make a mess and might even jam a wheel or something nasty... you'd feel a pillock filling in the insurance form for an effin great big accident and having to say that it was broken but you hadn't fixed it :)

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