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Fitting an oil Pressure Gauge on Disco 200Tdi


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My oil light has been blinking so I have recently changed the oil, removed the sump and clean the reasonably clean strainer. The light is still intermitantly blinking and the pressure switch was changed 2 weeks ago. Any ideas what my problem might be? Done 117,000 miles uses no oil.

Thinking of fitting an oil pressure guage, has any one done this, was it mechanical or electrical gauge and what make was it and how easy to fit?

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don't discount the new switch being faulty!

on my 300Tdi 90 I had about nine or ten new oil pressure senders in about 2 years, not sure if the 200tdi ones are the same but the 300tdi ones are sh&te!!

Yes the oil pressure switches are the same part number at Paddocks, PRC6387, for both the 200 and 300 Tdi. I think I'll have to fit a pressure guage to see whats going on. Someone has suggested it might be my big end and main bearings going!. I'd rather replace the oil pump than get involved with that lot!!

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