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TRO in Norfolk. Please object ASAP.

Paul Woodward

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Copied across from the GLASS forum. Please help if you can.

Please read the following notice from Norfolk County Council and respond ASAP!

This is a fantastic lane which is extremely popular with drivers from the local area and much further afield, in an area very badly hit by NERC.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason for the authority to close it, this is pure NIMBYism

The only way we can stop this closure is to generate masses of objections.

It dosen't matter if your local or not but if you are or if you have ever used this lane then please mention it in your response.

Don't worry if your not exactly sure what to write/Email, even if you just state that you "object to the proposed closure and believe that the lane should remain open to vehicles" your response will still count.

Responses must be recieved before the date stated in the notice or they will not count.

The address to write/Email to is contained in the notice below (thanks to my TRF contacts for passing this on so quickly).



The Norfolk County Council propose to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit any motor vehicle from proceeding along the U22064 Fullers Lane from its junction with the U22062 Church Green/Low Road south-eastwards to a point 20 metres north-west of its junction with the C68 Narford Road.

A copy of the Order and plan, together with a statement of Council's reasons for making the Order may be inspected at Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Norwich, and at the offices of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, King’s Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, during normal office hours.

Any objections and representations relating to the Order must be made in writing and must specify the grounds on which they are made. All correspondence for these proposals must be received at the office of the Department of Legal Services, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH, marked for the attention of Mrs L Page, by 25th September 2007. They may also be emailed to trafficorders@norfolk.gov.uk.

The officer dealing with public enquiries concerning the proposals is Mr A Freeland, telephone 01603 223982.

The lane is a UCR on the list of streets (Fullers Lane U22064).

The surface is a mix of sand and flint with some stone added in places, typical of this part of West Norfolk and very durable. There is absolutely no damage to this lane, that really isn't the issue (for a change).

The only repairs have been at the very southern end where there is a small car park which had some stone added a couple of years ago (notice that the order exempts the last 20M of the lane to allow this car park to remain in use).

The problem here is just typical NIMBYism. The number of motors using the route has probably increased (partly because of the three hundred RUPPs lost in the county) and some locals are making a fuss about it. Unfortunately green lane drivers and trail riders just aren't seen as legitimate users by most people.

This is what we will lose if they win!


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I've passed this on to the Norfolk Rep on the Access Forum (City Hall, Norwich not Internet) He will be addressing it at the Next Access/ROW meeeting.

Not a happy chap as all items like this are supposed to be presented to the Access Forum. Seems like NNCC are trying to sneak this through.

An important point regarding Fullers Lane is the Landowner calling for the TRO is also a County Councillor :rolleyes:

We need to see what the lane is listed as on the definitive map, regardless of what the list of streets says, if they have downgraded it to Bridleway on the definitive map it is already lost :(

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Guest otchie1
Did this get a TRO? I suspect so if landowner is a councillor :ph34r::ph34r:

Just got my official reply through today.

After lots of waffle and despite noting that the proposers lied about confrontation, damage and traffic levels and that there were more objections than supporters (145 v 125) the council decided to impose a complete TRO.

Apparently the Council considered that walkers may be frightened by the sudden onset of 4x4 vehicles in the quiet lane. Still, that opens the way to get thousands of Bridleways downgraded to footpaths as a dirty great horse is obviously far scarier (and far more dangerous) that a 4x4 off road.

If you are local I suggest to write to the councillors involved to express your disgust and note that you will campaign against them in the next election.

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