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Nato hitch security


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Having just bought a Sankey trailer and being in the process of building an off-road type trailer tent to go onto it, I am quite keen to stop the light fingered pikeys from having it away. I know that some people wrap a length of chain around the towing pintle loop, but have seen just how easily chain is cut with bolt crops, decided to have a go at making a security device to fit it. I have a small lathe with a little milling machine over the top, so had a go.




It's not too bad as a prototype - the square plate on top has the cut out to stop the whole thing from rotating, which would make it easier to get the padlock off. If somebody wants the trailer, they'll just put it onto a trailer, but this was my go at stopping the opportunist.

I remember an advert in the 1980's for the Remington "Fuzz-away" (so good, I bought the company), and have named this the

Keir-ington "Scrote-away"

Avaliable in any colour except orange. :)

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Guest diesel_jim

You fancy making another one for some £££?

i like the idea of that, and i've got a couple of those square brass padlocks in the garage.

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