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Steering Ball Joint Differences


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I'm trying to find out if there are differences in the tapper angle of the ball joint/trackrod end pins between the Series I, II,III and the Disovery models - these have different part numbers in the lists I've seen.

I'd like to use LR trackrods and trackrod ends to make an uprated (low slop!) steering set-up for a 1930 Riley vintage racer. The Riley steering arms have a 3 degree (one side) tapper angle while the LR ball joint I found has a 5 degree tapper angle.

Would anyone know whether any LR models (usiing the tubular trackrod) use a 3 degree pin and if so which one?

Many thanks in advance, and sorry for the strange nature of this question.

Alastair Bailey

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I believe the tapers are all the same.

Series 2 uses a short stud, the early (replaceable) boot, is greaseable and the thread that goes into the track rod is not fully threaded.

Series 3 uses a short stud , the later (non replaceable) boot, is non greaseable, and the stud that goes into the track rod is fully threaded.

Series 2 and 3 ones are interchangeable so long as you use the correct track rod to match the track rod ends.

Disco (etc) is per series three, but the stud is longer as the steering arm on the swivel is thicker than on a series. Disco ones can be used on a series 3 so long as you use packing washers under the nut otherwise you cant fully tighten it.

Dont know about series ones however.



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It is my belief that ball joint tapers are expressed as inches per foot.

Landrover ball joints are all 2.5" per foot.

I can't be bothered to work out what 3degrees give per foot but they seem to go in half inch increments.

Just for interest, Japanese ball joints use a proper ratio system, Landcruiser ball joints are a 1:10 taper.

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