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Roof Aerial Replacement


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Hi - Can anyone help please?

My Klutz of a brother in law was about to visit a Safari Park and decided to remove the aerial before the Monkeys did it for him.

Grasping the aerial firmly he applied some pressure. NOthing moved so he applied a little bit more then in frustration put all of his might (he's a big lad) and manged ot remove it. Sadly the threaded part is still in the part fitted to the roof :rolleyes:

Oh the clincher was when he entered the enclosed part of the park he found the monkies were safely esconced on an island far away from being able to cause any harm :lol:

I was going to have a look last weekend but he decided to use the car instead of leaving it with me.

Thanks for any advice

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I have the same problem except mine got caught on a tree branch whilst i was going backwards...

Have got the replacement parts - question is - how do I get to the bolt holding the mount on the roof...... i've been told its under (above) the interior light fitting but i can't seem to find a way of removing it...???? :(

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If you look at the interior light there should be a little groove on the side.Push a flatblade screwdriver in the slot and twist.This should relese the plastic cover/lense.Once the cover is offf there should be 2 Torx head screws holding the light onto the headlining,undo these and pull the light away from the headlining.There should be a wire plugged into the light section,unplug this and move it out of the way.Now you need to get a ratchet,extenstion bar and a 8 or 10mm socket(i think).Where the light came out there is like a double skinned roof. there should be a hole giving access to the radio aieral base,inside there you should find the nut that holds the aieral wire and mount to the roof.Use your ratchet to find and undo the nut(be carefull not to loose it.Once un-done you should be able to get you hand in there ti take the cable of the mount.Once thats done pull the mount out of the roof.(there is 2 mounting points,1 metal stud and 1 rubber thing to stop it twisting i think).Put your new one in and put it all back together. Took me about 20mins once i found out how to do it. The Mount cost me £8.94 from LR and the whip cost the same.

Mine is a 3 door but i think it is pretty much the same setup on a 5-door model.

Hope this helps

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