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Strange electrical problem ...

Mark Peters

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Evening all !

Got what I suspect maybe an earth fault ... but to be sure I thought I would ask the experts :)

My 1998 - 2l Diesel Turbo Freelander has very recently started mis-behaving. When the ignition is on/engine is running, and the brake pedal depressed the side-lights (exterior and also interior dash lights) come on. When the brake pedal is released, then the lights go out ....

They certainly aren't as bright as they would be .... best described by saying that when the brake pedal is depressed you can just see the dash lights on, but when you actually turn the side-lights on ... you can see the difference in brightness .... does that make sense ??

Anyway - what's the prognosis ..... faulty earth, faulty relay, fuse etc .... or something more sinister like the ECU (I hope not) ....



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