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Battery Cut off switch

Jon W

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Sorry I am sure this has been covered before but whenever i use the search function I can't find anything i need.

I would like to fit a battery cut off to my 90. I would like the radio to stay wired in so that the time remains on it and radio channels. I have a PTO winch so wont need one which handles mega amps. But will a standard switch do as i have heard of contacts melting.

These are the ones i am looking it.#


probably best as has a resistor to stop it frying the alternator should be be turned off. also looks like it has terminals so i could leave the radio plugged in.

Or a cheap one and then i would have to some how wire the radio


Thanks in advance


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I've got one of the normal isolator switches - about £7.50 from memory.

Easy to fit, even for a dunce like me, but I needed a grown-up to wire and crimp the terminals as I haven't got round to buying or borrowing tools that would do the job.

Radio can be a pain, but I only listen to Radio 2, so hardly an issue. Losing my CD track can also be annoying, but 5 seconds prodding on the relevant button soon sorts that. The only other problem is the stereo display insists on going into a DEMO mode. Again 5 seconds to switch off.

So, apart from that, no problem.

I use mine wherever my 110 is parked.

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Who knows if you have to do any extra stuff to a TD5 for a battery cut off switch?



We never quite figured out how to get the FIA switch to do its job on Andrews comp car, it still doesnt work now

IIRC Peter Graves is running a TD5 and FIA

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The big issue with isolator switches is the resistance they add. You can drop 150 - 200A peak flow through a single switch!

A better, higher current solution is to use a pair of anderson type connectors. One just having a short loop of wire connected between the terminals. You will still drop some current, but nowhere near as much.

Mark90 has the best solution to the radio presets, simply a small fuse. Anything you are going to need to remove the link for (including security) is soon going to blow the fuse.


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