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Paul Humphreys

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There is to be a 'consultation' process jointly between Powys, Carmarthernshire and (led by) Ceredigion.

"You may be aware that CCW are financing a pilot project in the Cambrian Mountains, that will look at recreational motorised vehicles and assess the sustainability of routes, by assessing a number of cross-cutting issues such as, the type of surface, gradients vegetation, whether or not any of a route passes through a SSSI, ancient monument etc.

The project has been devised to provide a framework for sustainable motorised vehicular use in the Cambrian Mountains."

It would appear that UUCRs and BOATs are to be surveyed. There does not seem to be any reference to Exempt RBs.

Anyone who has a knowlege of lanes in the area, may be able to provide useful information whether they can/wish to attend.

Any searching questions that should be raised, could possibly be discussed here? This really is a very significant project that may have far reaching effect on use of mpvs in Wales.

"13th August 2006

Mrs A Elias

01545 572106

AE/Cambrian Mountains

Dear Sir/Madam

*Cambrian Mountains** Pilot Project Consultatative Forum*

Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Powys County Councils are working

together as part of a pilot project that will involve the commissioning

of a study to look at the sustainability of routes used by recreational

motorised vehicles in the Cambrian Mountains.

As part of this process we want to engage with persons with an interest

in the area and the use of the routes, in order to allow them to be

involved in the process.

Therefore we are holding three Consultatative forum days as follows:

Tuesday 11th September 2007 5p.m. to 7pm. Llandovery RFC, Church Bank

Playing Fields, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire.

Wednesday 12th September 2007 5p.m to 7p.m. Hafod Hotel, Devil's

Bridge, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

Thursday 13th September 2007 5p.m to 7p.m The Brynafon Country House

Hotel, South Street, Rhayader, Powys.

If you able to attend one of these venues, would you please confirm

which one, in order to assist use in catering for refreshments. This can

be done by telephoning, writing or email ( annelias@ceredigion.gov.uk


Yr eiddoch yn gywir/Yours faithfully


Director of Environmental Services and Housing"

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Forgive my ignorance here Paul, but what is the format here?

I go along to one of the venues and then what? I get a grilling about my use of the lanes? I get to tell the powers that be how and why I use the lanes? What goes on in these forums and is it worth a number of us attending?

Subject to it being a worthwhile exercise I would be happy to go along the Llandovery or Rhyader venues - and provide transport for anyone else in my area who wants to go too. I have been an occasional visitor to the Cambrian Mountains for some 10(?)years.


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Hi Chris,

TBH I do not know a lot about this as yet, but as I understand it the meetings are that start of the process to gradeing the unsurfaced roads. I only picked up the info yesterday. I think its the thin end of the wedge in mid wales.

I will try to get some more info, I have sent off an email, I can not make any of the meetings as I will be at work when they start., I hope someone else from CRAG will be going. I also hope someone from the TRF and GLASS will be at some of the meetings.

The problem starts if noone from the mortorsied groups is there then we will have no voice at the meetings.


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