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K&N filter bore damage


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We see this kind of damage a lot on:

A/ Overland vehicles fitted with K&N or similair filters

B/ With tight fisted farmers that blow out there filters not replace them

C/ when people fit turbo diesel air filters to tdi's (Air filter is much shorter)

Makes you want to cry :(

Jim :)

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to be honest, badly filtered air would likely show in the valves and cylinder head more than the bores simply because its softer material, the piston crowns would also be pitted, from what i can see you have bore wear which looks to me to be caused by piston slap or hard use from cold (ie concentrated wear patches at either side of the top of the bore opposite the axis of the gudgeon pin)

I'm not advocating K&N filters BTW, i personally dont rate them much. Just dont think that wear solely indicates the filter was at fault

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It's the most common fault with free flowing air filters.........performance at a cost!

I can't understand why everyone wants to fit those things to engines. For racers...OK, you'd expect some attrician on a unit that has a limited life expectancy...but for everyday use or 'outback' work it's best leave the standard filters in or go for some type of pre-filter if possible.

My workshop in Dubai sends their performance engines back to JE on a regular basis..... the comments from JE are the same every time.... "you wouldn't believe the ammount of silt we found inside that engine!".

It will be interesting to see the condition of other components/shells etc as you get deeper into the block.


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