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RRC External Roll Cage pictures please?

Paul McCleary

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As the title. I'm going to cage the Bobtail this week and I'm after a little inspiration. :unsure:

Having laid the Bob on its side recently, I'd like the cage to be fully external to help protect what remains of the bodywork.

All suggestions welcome as I have been scratching my head about how to mount he cage to the sliders and the sliders to the chassis and how to triangulate it through the cab and keep the rear seats usefull. I'm not in love with any of my ideas so far, so please help me make up my mind. :(

Pic below so that you can see what I'm working with.

Paul. ;)


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I will try to post some pics of how I did the Disco which is essentially the same

This outrigger is welded to front chassis forward of the body mount. The flat plate with the gusset is welded to the existing mount as seen in next pic. the cut out is for the radius arms. It is more than needed


Pics from below



The front cage and rock sliders are welded to the ends of this outrigger


Rear of rock sliders done in similar way with some angle and plate fabbed to fit the rear body mount outriggers. The does not hold my rear cage so is less relavant, though could of course be modified to do so.



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what you making for her paul , full on roll cage or , tree protection ?

if its the later you wont need much triangulation , just a tiny skeloton to keep the nasty trees away :P

It needs a full cage really. I've been playing at extreme parking again. I'll have to triangulate it through the cab to the chassis or it will just be a fancy spot light mounting. :rolleyes:

I will try to post some pics of how I did the Disco which is essentially the same.

Cheers, thats the sort of inspiration I was after. ;)

I have cut out the rear crossmember to get a rear winch fitted. I'll be making a bumper suitable to mount the rear of the cage to. I'll post up some pics when I get something worth pointing the camera at. :blink:

Keep the cage pictures coming.

Paul. :D

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