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AWDC challenge Round 6 Aftermath

Chris Abel

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That was one hell of a weekend, the event was as always exceptionally well organised by the AWDC team and thanks to Scorpion for feeding us again :)

The night stage was great fun despite getting completely disorientated and lost on numerous occasions, we found Dave Stokes in Darkness with problems with the ecu on his Tedious 5 so we gave him a tow back.

We had loads of fun on the rocks on Sunday, i can’t believe how much we drove without winches and waffles. Iroks and 7psi rock!

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We had loads of fun on the rocks on Sunday, i can’t believe how much we drove without winches and waffles. Iroks and 7psi rock!

Chris i watched you climb out of punch 38 the sea of felled trees! the Rangies suspension looked amazing.

and the big grin on your face as you and Tom got back on the main track up the steep climb said it all well done.

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Well that was fun weekend as usual. Hope you all had fun on the night section, we went up to a high point and spent a while watching the headlights appearing and disappearing while listening to 8274s screaming... very entertaining! :rolleyes::lol:

The Sunday was good, the light afternoon rain made everything that little bit more entertaining..

See some of you at the end of the month at the EuroChallenge! Looking forward to that... :ph34r::ph34r:

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bring back the 200tdi I say...

right, the evening was ruined by two things..

firstly - me - I was ill.. not nice for me.

secondly - car fuel pump - (piece of s**t) I love electric controlled engines... grrrrr.

the next day all seemed better with the world.

I could stand up with feeling sick or dizzy and the td5 worked.. hurrar..

then it went bang on us, the rear diff stripped itself.... really happy faces now...

It turns out the privious night Adrian got a little bit happy with the go pedal (when it worked) and took a single tooth (we think) out, whilst getting out of a big dirty hole and we reckon this little tooth remains got picked up whilst doing the SS1 the next day and decided to kill everything it could.

on the bright side though - - we were enjoying ourselfs before it happened, and we got home by 3pm.

and Les -- we still got a little lost, at the same place we did with you.. so your not totally F****ng useless at reading a map in the dark, so am I. :lol:

What Happened to Adrian and Piggy ?

Is that TD5 turning out to be as reliable as the V8... :o

Still they can't blame me and Nick for getting them lost this time !

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Chris, did you drive punch 38, we were first in there and after getting caught up on numerous tree stumps and losing a tire of the bead we lost about an hour

I think it was 38 that we drove in and out with no problems, the tree stumps were not an issue with the portals but it was still tricky manovering over those fallen trees.

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