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Series coil tdi ???


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Hello all, First off may I say sorry if this sort of thread has been done to death already :ph34r: I have been reading various threads about coil overs, tdi's into series, sva etc as I have a 2a which is a bit poorly, she's missing engine, gearbox/transfer box, front axle and props, however the chassis is reasonable :lol: so what I want to know is will I be able to keep to vehicle id (legally( tax exempt )) if I use disco running gear/ axles, will I be able to use the suspension mounts off the disco and weld them too the 2a? and how do insurance companies feel about these alterations?

And if that all sounds good some suggestions on how to do the work, p.s I have my own business repairing vans / hgv's welding and plasma cutting are an every day experience :huh::lol:

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Insurance shouldn't be a problem - using Land Rover parts to build a special Land Rover is a bonus, they can get twitchy if different makes of vehicle are used to make one. Your occupation will help as well. They will after-all quote you on the vehicle as you declare it. Original reg is a different matter. Replacing the engine mounts that are part of the chassis (if you need to), is one thing, but the welding of Disco spring mounts, hockey stick brackets, A-frame support, etc might well mean that if you have an SVA inspection, you could go over the edge and end-up with a Q-plate.


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Since you say you've read up already, the quick version is:

- A new Series front axle will be cheap and easy, sling some parabolics on and you have an "original" vehicle with a changed engine & box, pretty safe from the SVA man and a less bone-shaking than original.

- A coil conversion will be a load of work and, if you're the honest type, inevitably lead to an SVA and all that entails. It will be more comfy though.

- Likewise, putting the Disco axles on leaves is a load of work but you do gain disc brakes and it's not such a glaring SVA issue.

- If you want a coiled, disc'ed TDi - buy a 90. They're not pricey these days and it will save loads of hassle.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I see the axles are worth two points along with the suspension, in the case of the axles can the front be converted to disc without losing those points and can the original springs be changed for parabolic again without losing points?

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