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Very stiff LT77 box after speed


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I've got a 200TDi and LT77 box in the hybrid. it's always been a bit of a pig changing from 2nd to 3rd (to be honest it doesn't love going into 3rd from 4th much either) but recently has developed a more serious problem. After prolonged periods cruising on the motorway at around (ahem :ph34r:) the speed limit the box sticks in 5th; and needs a hefty whack to persuade it out (while coming down the slip road) into neutral. I can live with this, but what I can't live with is it then refusing to go into any gear other than first (careering onto roundabout in neutral... :o ). After any prolonged speed runs it stiffens to such an extent it is barely useable, but when left overnight to fully cool down it is fine (although not exactly smooth shifting still...).

My first though is to change the oil - I called into a local garage here (Exeter) who said it needed DexxonII automatic gearbox oil (even though it's a manual) - is this right? What oil should I use? I don't mind spending a bit as the next step is probably a new box :blink:- unless anyone has any other ideas.

Thanks, Jos

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www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk look in the FAQ section where they say ATF Dexron 2 or 3.

In my RRC factory manual (MY1986 to 1989) it also states the LT77 box must use an ATF fluid.

Don't use EP in a box that is supposed to use an ATF as it is too thick and you can/will trash the box as a result.

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