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Power Steering Box - seal kit

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Replaced the drop arm and ball joint this evening with the Power Steering box in situ - thanks for the write up Les. Couldn't get the drop arm off the box though no matter what type of persuassion I used...Luckily a garage friend happened to have the correct puller, but even that took a decent amount of extension bars/force.

The box is weeping though (it was before) and I have a seal kit for a 4 bolt box in the garage. Has anyone whipped out the box and repalced the seals with one of these kits? Or is the general rule just to buy a recon one and put that in or just leave it as a recon one will only leak in a fews time anyway? I've looked around the tech forum and a few other sites I know of but couldn't find what I was looking for - some nice instructions :D

Thoughts anyone....?

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My power steering bottom seal was leaking very badly 5 years ago. I put half a cup of brake fluid in the reservoir. The leak gradually got better until after about 3 weeks it stopped completely for 4 years. I changed the oil at some point in that period. Last year it started weeping again and I resigned myself to changing the seal so bought a seal kit, but I didn't get around to fitting it.

As the leak started getting worse again, and I was too busy to fit the seal kit, I put another dose of brake fluid in th reservoir about 4 months ago. No leaks since!

Can't guarantee it will work for everyone, but it worked for me.



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