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LT77 Synchros - anything we can do?

Henry Webster

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I think I know the answer to this one, but does anyone have any ideas of what I can do with LT77 synchros to make them last longer? Are there any better options?

The problem: I'm doing a gearbox rebuild on average about every three events at the moment. The Baja GB saw off the last second gear synchro, I guess the 20 odd stage miles we did with no brakes didn't help much!

Its not too expensive - but its alot of effort to be doing every couple of events, especially when you have to pull the whole box apart to get to the second gear synchro.

Any thoughts welcome.


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Exactly what is wearing? the grooves on the inside of the syncro the teeth, second gear's gear?

Certainly it is the baulk rings and I would say it was the grooves on the inside. I'll take some photos when we've got it apart again.

I think Jules is right - we're just working it too hard! I know that the LR boxes aren't the strongest, I was just wondering whether anyone has found any baulk rings last longer than others or any useful snippets like that.

We used coated ones last time, but if anything they seem to have lasted less well - so have reverted this time around.

I know this forum is more firmly entrenched in the challenge scene, but does anyone have any experience with any of the aftermarket LT77 or R380 motorsport gearkits and steel baulk rings?

Or anyone have a cheap V8 R380 kicking about?


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