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Mounting Jackall onto 90 pick up


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Hi all,

Still waiting for my 90 pick up to come back from garage but in the mean time Ive got myself a 36" Jackall (just like hilift/farm jack). Ive got the mounting kit but trying to decide where to put it.... and thought it get your ideas.

My thoughts were either:

i) on top of one wing alongside the bonnet lying flat

ii) down the side the outside of the rear tub

iii) up against the back of the cab in the rear tub

any experiences of pros/cons, thoughts, ideas?



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In my 110 hardtop, I've mounted my Jackall across the bulkhead behind the seats, using Jackall's optional mounting kit. This would also work for a 90 pickup (truck cab?).

In this position, the jack is secure, (mostly) out of site to inquisitive eyes and as dry as anything inside a Land Rover can be.


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