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300 Tdi to LT77

Dave Gill

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I have an early 110 with a tired 2.5NAD engine, which I'd like to upgrade.

Is there any good information on the net about fitting a 300 Tdi engine into a 110, retaining the LT77 and Lt230 transmission?

Any pointers would be most welcome.

Take the bellhousing and dowels of your NAD engine. It fits straight on the box, then start worrying about the enginemounts.


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Dave, bear in mind that if your 110 has its original transfer box, it will have a 1.66 ratio high range due to the low power of the original engine. This means you won't get the best out of your 300tdi unless you are going to fit some very tall tyres too.

The 1.66 ratio transfer box is will mean the 300tdi will be really revving hard on fast main roads and motorways.

If you are staying with standard dia tyres, you should fit a standard defender 1.4 high range transferbox.



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