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Clutch fluid going dirty in few hundred km


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When I first got my ex-mod 110 on the road I noticed that the clutch pedal would go almost to the floor once hot. Examination of the fluid revealed it to be BLACK with what appeared to be suspended dirt. I flushed about half a litre of fresh DOT4 through (bleeding from the slave nipple) and then topped off.

Everything seemed OK for a few hundred km but then the symptoms returned - didn't have time to do a proper flush so I syringed out the reservoir, rinsed and refilled. The 'new' fluid was already black (possibly not quite as bad as before):


So what's going on here? will it eventually clear if I keep flushing or is it time for new slave and/or master? What is the 'dirt' and where is it coming from?

If I replace the cylinders, are the generic/Britpart ones OK or should I spring for genuine LR parts?


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The seals are breaking down which is what makes the fluid muddy, change both master and slave seals now or call a yellow taxi later!

You may find the bores are scored and need new cyls complete, but make that decision when you see what they look like.

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