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OMP Steering wheel

Roel J

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I want to fit an OMP 350 mm Velocita steering wheel.

Steering column is 14 mm thick in outer dia. and has 36 splines.

Comes of an 1985 90 HT LHD Diesel.

Can anyone please tell me which is the CORRECT adapter for that steering column and the OMP?

In Belgium they ALL say it wil fit, and I must pay in advance, which I don't trust.

Cheers mates!!

Roel Janssens

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The later model 300Tdi/Td5 (but not CSW) have 48-splines. The Bearmach part number for the 48-spline boss/adaptor you DON'T want is BA3201 if that helps avoid any mistakes.

Bosses for MOMO fits OMP too.

Got the Velocita myself, but went for the 380mm version.


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As long as your wheel is the aftermarket industry standard '6-hole' pattern then practically any adapter will fit, you just need to get the one for your column (take off your existing wheel and count the splines to be sure).

The one that won't fit (32 or 48 spline) is the Mountney 'classic' range boss as the wheel mounting is differnt however the Mountney '6-hole' pattern boss will probably take your wheel, you just need the correct one for your column.

Speak to the Mountney helpdesk, they don't sell to the public but they will advise you and tell you what part to order from your local supplier, most suppliers just don't have the knowledge.

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