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Coolant trickle in drivers footwell


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Hi all,

Noticed a little trickle of coolant running down beside my left foot this morning. I had the aircon on at the time and

after switching it off, it stopped. Not much came out, just enough to make a very small puddle just behind my left

foot as it's sat on the foot rest (it's an auto).

It's a 96 3.9V8i, anybody got any ideas?



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Are you sure its coolant or could it be a blocked drain in the aircon system? The drains normally exit under the vehicle, I'm not sure of the routing inside the vehicle but it could be that. The aircon system naturally generates moisture as it cools the air and this is quite normal, but if it is appearing inside the vehicle you either have a blockage or a leak.

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there are the drains either side of the gearbox tunnel the two rubber gr omit incorporate the drain and need cleaning otherwise block up and the air con as well as leak may start to smell.

there on the top of each side of the tunnel and the small about 10mm rubber tube runs up into the matrix just pull it out you may have some water run out of the matrix this is normal if its blocked, remove the gromit and give it a good clean as mine the first time I cleaned them were filled with black slime.

Mine need doing again so I may go and do it now and take some pic's for you and post them.

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