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Hydraulic Pump drive


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Evening all,

I've got to start thinking about how much i cut my bonnet down by, which means i've got to start thinking about what's going under it, principly the hydraulic pump.

I've seen the pictures on here of Saley's solution, very nice, but a little long for what i'm after. Does anyone have any pictures of the TypeR pump mount and chain arrangement? Or, does anyone have any other ideas?

PTO drive is off the cards, due to the problems with matching tyre speed, and the risk of me (likely) putting it into reverse when the pump's running. :ph34r: which i've heard is a bad idea.

I'm also planning on OBA, so there might be an air-con compressor in the mix too, though this might not be too much of a problem as the bonnet is 3" higher than standard.



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Ta for the link, i shall have a play, will have to do some guesstimating at this stage i guess.

Pics might be handy, but yes you're right, still got the 3.9 under the bonnet, also it hasn't got the aircon compressor mounts, which is something i'm working on.

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How about hanging the dog clutch and pump off a machined splined shaft (or woodruff key) bolted into the crank pulley bell?

Couple of chains lashing it to the chassis to stop the whole lot spinning?

i've seen a tractor PTO water pump connected this way.

just an idea, dunno if it'd work :unsure:

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