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rod on turbo vacum thingy...

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It's called the wastegate actuator rod Jas. Revving the engine at the side of the road won't operate the wastegate - the vehicle has to be driven for the Turbo to work.




It just looks like its never moved ...........ever.....:D

Just passing the time trying to work out if I have a leaky fuel line..... :(

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you should be able to move the actuator rod, against the actuator spring pressure, try pushing on the turbo wastegate arm where the actuator rod is connected (as the actuator operates the rod increases in length).

I would be surprised if the waste gate were jammed or the actuator were faulty, as if the wastegate is stuck open or the spring is weak/broken your engine would suffer from turbo lag and if stuck shut it would over boost (possibly quite exciting for a short while :( ).

Les is 100% correct, one way or another you need to drive the vehicle.......the best way to see what its going on, is to fit a gauge.


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I had my RS Turbo tuned and to set the actuator up you connected an air line to the actuator with a pressure gauge on the line and slowly turned the pressure onto the actuator. Fine tuning could be achieved with the lock screw on the wastegate arm. Depending on the actuator that was used, the wastegate would start to open at a certain pressure and then be fully open at higher pressure. These two pressures were determined by the strength and profile of the spring in the actuator.

On a side note what pressure does the 200TDi/300 or TD5 pull on full boost?

How does the over boost control work?

My Nomad boost gauge went with the RS when it was sold, so can connect it to see:

Worth buying one of these:


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well chaps, mines rigid............can't move it at all, even with tools............

So I'm off to the garage this week as the pump and/or the turbo aint working :angry2:

bummer.........I was going to sell it as well.

looks like I'll have a big bill...and then sell it.....sods law

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