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Daihatsu 2.8 TD conversion, immobilizer on fuel pump?


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There is a black plastic cover with 3 wires over the fuel shut off solenoid on the rear of the fuel distributiion pump on my engine, is this an imobilizer? If so, how do I get rid of it? Is it simply cut it open, remove circuit board and go back to 1 wire to the solenoid?


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I commented on this where you posted it on LRUK Kevin.

Are those security bolts holding the box to the pump?

If you can remove the bolts and identify which (if any) wires go to the fuel switch, then you could possibly remove the box and just wire straight to the the switch via your ignition as normal.

There's a possibility that the switch may not be 12v though. If you run an earth wire to the pump body, and then briefly touch the live wire to the switch it should click if it operates ok.

It would easiest if you could find out from someone who knows exactly what the box is - you could possibly bypass it without damaging anything.


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Usually there are two security screws, remove these the box should pull away leaving the one wire and a horse shoe shaped bracket, remove these and put your standard wire to the solenoid as usual

If the screws are the type that break off try a small shape chisel to tap them round or 'dig' a little of the plastic away to get a set of grips to it.

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