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Brake Light Failure


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Can anyone give a newbie advice on what the problem may be with my brake lights.

I have checked the bulbs and they are fine.

I am not that clued up on tech stuff but if someone can tell me what to do in detail i can manage it.


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Second the switch on the pedal.

I've also found that if the brakes need bleeding the pedal doesn't always return to the same point, which makes it impossible to set the pedal switch so that it works all the time.

Not heard anything yet about bleeding the brakes, God i hope not LOL.

I have been advised that it could be the switch. Year of RR is Aug 92.

I will keep you's posted on the result.


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Bleeding the ABS system is a bit of a pain, yes :lol:

If it needs doing it'll be well worth it, though - your brakes will be a lot sharper afterwards :) It's worth confessing that when I had that problem the brake fluid hadn't been changed for a few years and was brown with age, so it had a full system flush and bleed.

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