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TD5 Bonnet release cable on a 90

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I hear it's a very common thing but my bonnet release cable is incredibly hard to pull to open the bonnet.

This is due to only having half the end handle in the DS footwell as well as it being really hard to pull.

Someone on ebay is selling a td5 cable with the additional lever for use in 90's and 110's.

Can standard td5 cables be fitted to a 90?

If there are differences does anyone know what they are?



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Td5 type spring loaded lever can be made to fit earlier models without too much trouble and is a worthwhile little mod.

The lever bolts to the lefthand panel of the footwell. The Td5 model has rivnuts pressed into the bulkhead to secure the bracket to the footwell. You'll have to drill a couple of holes and use a couple of nuts and bolts.


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FSE100460 is the LR part number for the later Td5 type bonnet release cable/bracket, if you take that to a main or independent LR parts supplier it'll help them give you the correct part/the part you really want. I try to give my parts man numbers of stuff I want as far as possible.

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Guest diesel_jim

^^^^^ what Western said.....

or if i can't afford the parts, i print the picture off and keep it beside my bed so i can dream about it. :lol:

Hi Jim,

This is going to sound like an incredibly daft question but what is that diagram showing and what use is having the part number?

Many thanks from a landy novice.

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