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Door hinge bolts wont tighten


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Today i fitted new captive nuts to my bulkhead so as to fit my new doors and hinges, using new stainless steel bolts.

The problem is that the new bolts go on possibly half way through the captive nuts before being stuck/needing alot of pressure to turn.

This has cause one bolt to in effect shear the captive nut so it it now cavitates.

Surely there is a simple way to tighten down the door hinges to the bulkhead??

Many thanks


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should be fine normally I suspect you were unlucky in having a squashed captive nut. You'll have to cut your bolt and start again I'm afraid. Not got stainless, but I'm sure I've got some of the latest non rusting nuts here that I can send in the post if that helps.



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May be teaching you to suck eggs but you did get the correct ones. I had this when I did my b/head change. Supplier gave me metric nuts when I had imperial bolts or the other way round. I had to go to a Dealership to get the correct bits :( :( , as time was against me.

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Door piller screws are an odd thread I found that they are not always an 'off the shelf' item from most wholesalers.

Most SS kits for door-inges come with new captive nuts which are a different thread to the standard LR ones so if you have been trying to fit the wrong screw into the wrong captive nut you will have exactly the problem you describe. Next time I would do a dry run before you fit the captive nuts to the bulkhead.

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