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TD5 chassis weight


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How about the weight of a heavy duty (3mm?) galvanised 90 chassis? am curious how much heavier over standard they are.

Anyone tried filling the chassis rails with some sort of expanding foam to stop the mud buildup?

Why not just fit rubber bungs in all the holes ? I would assume if the chassis are dimensionally the same then a 3mm chassis would be 50 percent heavier than the standard 2mm chassis.


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Guest diesel_jim

Once i've welded my Td5 mounts onto my 110 chassis, i'm getting it galvanised, and need to weigh it, so i'llbe taking it to the local weighbridge next week, so will be able to give you a rough idea*

* rough because this chassis is a new unused ex military armoured jobbie... lots of added on welded bracing and strengthening.

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